Emerging Technologies in Enterprise Mobile Solutions

Augmented & Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and other new revolutionary technologies are what innovative companies are always interested in. The challenge for them is to cut through the hype, simplify the complex, and choose the right technologies. Then you must create a plan to implement these new ideas in the field.

Fogle’s experience and expertise can help your business and IT department realize first-hand the benefits of adopting the latest technology. This is where Fogle’s experience can be leveraged to help companies create innovative mobile solutions. Fogle can help:

  • Build contextually-intelligent mobile applications
  • Ensure proper IoT security
  • Leverage innovative technology to create exciting, productive workplace experiences

At the end of process, your team will be armed with a plan for implementing a revolutionary new technology.


In the first step of developing a plan for incorporating the latest emerging technologies, Fogle will focus on gaining a clear understanding of your business and its direction. As in all our initial phases, we identify your organization’s goals, business drivers, and current processes. Then we review any current mobile technologies and evaluate their features and performance.

Through brainstorming and process visualization, Fogle will help identify scenarios where the latest in mobile technologies can positively impact revenue, productivity, customer satisfaction, and more.

Fogle can help separate projects and scenarios that offer real value from those that will barely impact your company. In this phase, we will take into account your organization’s readiness, ease of implementation, and technological constraints.

In this phase, we determine which assets and systems are necessary to make our top ideas a reality. We will lead your company in the exploration of the following:

  • Current IT systems and processes – are they sufficient to provide the support we need?
  • Security risks – does the new technology introduce new risks?
  • Staff – do we have the manpower to put missing elements in place?
  • Availability of other resources – what other teams or groups will be needed?

This phase also includes a comprehensive evaluation of Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), iBeacon or wearable technology—the hardware, software, data, and networks required for the solution plus any infrastructure, planning, and deployment considerations.

In this phase, we will create a functional Proof of Concept which demonstrates how the new technology will work under real-world conditions.

Based on the scope of work identified in previous steps, we will outline in detail the plan for implementation. This plan outlines the timelines, cost estimates, and work required to build the concept and make it live.

Emerging Technologies in Mobile


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