Community of Practice in Enterprise Mobility

Fogle will help create a team, of (existing) internal employees, that collaborates to create the standards required to achieve the most success. In other words, we connect people, processes and technology for strategic success. This team, called a ‘Mobile Community of Practice’ (MCOP) is a centralized body that ensures all mobile initiatives are in-keeping with the business’s larger objectives.

Establishing a Mobile Community of Practice (MCOP) will help your organization avoid fragmented mobile projects and rogue apps. With an MCOP in place, your company can begin to embrace mobile in its entirety, mitigate risk, ensure regulatory compliance and meet organizational goals. Alternately, if your company already has an MCOP, we will evaluate it and provide a plan for optimization to ensure your practice is running efficiently and in-keeping with current best-practices.

Fogle can either act as a resource for best practices, standards, expertise, or be a manager overseeing the management responsibilities of mobile projects.


In this first step, the team identifies and gains an understanding of the organization’s goals and defines the MCOP’s short- and long-term roles and responsibilities. This is the first phase in determining your company’s readiness, defining the requirements, and building a vision for your organization’s MCOP.

The MCOP is a hard-working team that coordinates efforts to bring about change. Often MCOPs fail due to unrealistic expectations. To ensure success, Fogle can help assess the readiness and maturity of supporting processes and plan accordingly. These processes include strategy definition, information management, IT delivery & support, policy definition, project governance, UX standards, app architecture, development and MDM platform and SDLC processes.

Based on our previous assessment findings, the team then defines the MCOP’s mission and vision. Here the team identifies short- and long-term goals and objectives, and determines the best team structure to make the company’s vision a reality.

After determining the ultimate goals of the MCOP, the next phase is to uncover the best way to get there. Fogle will help create a strategic plan to organize the people, processes and technology required for a success project.

The MCOP then generates the materials needed to launch. With our assistance, the team will develop a timeline, assign resources, identify challenges, and provide an overall plan for design, pilot and launch. Finally, the team can deliver these materials plus costs for next steps to the executive level for buy-in. By the end of this phase, the team will be armed with a robust plan to build a world-class Mobile community.

Based on the scope of work identified in previous steps, we will outline the detailed approach and the plan for implementation. This plan outlines the cost estimates, timelines and high-level overview of the work required for each part of the plan execution.

Creating a mobile community of practice


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