Mobile is expensive. You wouldn’t hire a gardener to do the brickwork for the foundation of your house, so why would you let someone with no mobile experience make million-dollar decisions for you? The cost of mobile is often wrapped up and tucked away in the costs of projects so that the true cost is often not visible to leaders within an organization. A typical Greenfield implementation of a mobile solution for a medium sized organization can easily reach upwards to $5MM. The cost can quickly get out of control without an experienced hand on the wheel.

Fogle Consulting provides that experience. Fogle has been implementing mobile solutions since 1999, before BlackBerry devices with the PalmPilot and then the Compaq iPAQ. With proven partner and vendor relationships, we methodically navigate through mobile strategy assessments, custom building mobile solutions that are the right fit for each individual organization. We focus on cost efficient, value add solutions with an unmatched speed to market.

Fogle partners with organizations to implement sustainable, cost efficient, value added mobile solutions. We can lead your organization to drive efficiencies and innovation, saving costs and increasing productivity.