In today’s IT Departments, strategy tends to get lost in the wash of business tactics. The IT Strategist position is often a hot seat in large corporations, frequently the first to go if the company must trim their budgets. So, this leaves the question, do we really need Mobile Strategy? And if your company’s IT strategy itself is not a priority, why would you need a Mobile Strategy?

Here are 5 reasons why your IT department needs a mobile strategy.

  1. Everybody is using mobile. As of February 2018, 95% of Americans own a cellphone of some kind with 77% of that figure owning Smartphones*. This is up 35% from the same survey conducted in 2011. If you don’t have a Mobile Strategy, then you are not prepared for mobile devices and their users. More importantly, you are missing an opportunity to increase revenue and effectively reach your target audience.
  2. Scope creep. Mobile is expensive. In an average sized organization, mobile infrastructure and investment in apps for a single project can easily become a multi-million-dollar project. Without a solid Mobile Strategy, these costs are often hidden away in individual projects, never providing leadership with any indication as to the lofty investment that mobile often presents.
  3. Staying the course. Having a solid mobile strategy in place puts up guardrails, protecting your organization from marketing hype of the latest, untested, technological advances and innovations. Having a strategy allows you and your staff to hold the course you outlined well in advance, and leverage proven mobile technologies.
  4. Siloed decision making. One part of a solid Mobile Strategy is a Mobile Community of Practice, also known as a Center of Excellence. This community of existing employees utilize a small percentage of their time making sure everyone is heading in the same direction with no overlap within the organization. The group considers the enterprise value that mobility decisions bring to the table and not just project objectives.
  5. Setting the bar. How do you know if you are getting any better? You must establish a baseline and a Mobile Maturity Assessment can provide you with that baseline. It not only establishes a starting point but provides a point of reference so you can quantify how you are getting better over time.

Mobile Strategy done right produces sustainable growth within an organization. Let Fogle enable your business with a sound mobile strategy, driving efficiencies and innovation throughout your organization.

* Smartphone ownership survey by the Pew Research Center